Awakening Of Pride



My Grandfather sings by the fire
Winds whipping cinders higher
Songs of long ago, he cries
Images of sad goodbyes

The Great-Spirit is all around
Above the sky, below the ground
Language of our people spoken
Grandfather sings though his heart is broken

Our children are lost, they do not see
Please show them light, hear my plea
I sit in silence with a renewal of pride
What I’d lost is now inside

My eyes been opened, now I see
I am no longer ashamed of “ME”
My people’s future will survive
For what I lost is now alive

Chills set in by cold of night
Shadows dance by fire light
With the dawning of the new day
Fears of tomorrow fade away

Poetry by
Silvia Burley, Chairperson
California Valley Miwok Tribe
January 20, 1995   ©


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